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Lab work wins prize at Tulane poster competition

Congratulation to Karease Quashie for her second place prize at the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) poster competition! Karease, a visiting student from Emory University, spent the summer with the BFIL investigating the efficacy of targeting nanodroplets to the placenta.

BFIL Community Outreach

This week, 7th grade students from Audubon school visited the lab as part of Tulane BME’s STEM outreach efforts. The students attended various workshops including the BFIL run “From light to sound: A demonstration of the Photoacoustic Effect”

BFIL members present their work at OSA 2019

BFIL members Kristie Huda and Megan Escott traveled to Tuscon, AZ to present their work at OSA 2019. Kristie’s presented her work evaluating a tomographic photoacoustic imaging system to image placental function. Megan’s talk focused on local oxygen delivery to the placenta using targeted nanodroplets.